Why People Love Working with Julia

When I met Julia I knew my search for a makeup artist was done, not only she was super knowledgeable she was super friendly and made me feel like she was a good friend and that she would take super good care of me on my wedding day....needless to say she went above and beyond and not only did a superb job on my makeup but she helped button my 100 plus buttons that no one could do it and also helped groom to take off the shine of his cute baldie head lol... Julia will always be part of my wedding day story and I’m blessed to have chosen her.
— Pam, NYC, Bride

The morning of your wedding is a really intimate time. I chose my photographer and my makeup artist SO carefully, because I knew I wanted to keep that pre-wedding time period really special. Julia brings a bubbly vibe into the room, so she blended right in with my wedding party and made me feel super comfortable while she was doing my makeup. Plus, my makeup always looks the best when she does it - I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to make me feel beautiful that day.
— Abby, PA, Bride

As a woman who doesn’t wear a lot of make up normally, I was fearful that my makeup would be overdone and I would not feel or look like myself. On my wedding day I put my face in Julia’s hands and I could not be more thankful! She was able to bring my best features to life and I felt like a beautiful and confident bride throughout the entire day. In addition to her talents as a makeup artist, Julia is a wonderfully kind and positive person. She is all smiles and the perfect person to calm those wedding day nerves.
— Lindsay, NY, Bride

If you’re lucky enough to have Julia LeFebvre do your makeup for your wedding, or any special event for that matter, I promise you that you won’t regret it. Julia did my makeup for my wedding and I couldn’t have been happier to have her with me on that special day. She made me feel beautiful and confident by paying extra attention to detail and really making sure I was nothing less than thrilled when she was done. She’s talented and attentive and her positive energy is infectious! Book her!
— Giulia, NY, Bride
Quite frankly, I dislike getting my makeup done professionally. I’m just never happy with the end results (mainly because I never feel like I look like myself - it’s too severe, the eyeliner is too thick, brows too enhanced, mascara not enough...). Until Julia did my makeup. With Julia, I explained how I like my makeup to look, & when she was done, I was shocked - I LOVED it! I felt that I truly looked like the best (prettiest) version of me! After doing my makeup for events over the years, there was no question who would do my makeup on my wedding day. I didn’t know when we’d get married, where we’d marry, what my dress might look like... but I knew Julia would do my makeup! And of course, she did not disappoint. Outside of her being the best makeup artist I’ve had the pleasure of working with, Julia is professional, kind, upbeat & hilarious! The exact person you’ll want by your side on your big day. Just have a quick chat with her & see for yourself!
— Kym, NY, Bride