Making women feel their absolute best, inside and out, is my passion.


           Meet Julia

I'm not sure when it started - my passion for makeup and female beauty goes back as far as I can remember. I think in high school when my friends started asking me to do their makeup, I realized maybe there was a skill set here with which I had been blessed. I did my first full wedding and bridal party at age 21 and was hooked. I started working for Bobbi Brown cosmetics as an at-counter makeup artist and quickly grew within the company. As passionate as I was about artistry, I ended up going the corporate route, growing from Artistry to Management to Education to Account Executive, all the while, doing makeup for brides on the side.


At this point in my life, I want as much time with my family as possible and working with brides allows me to do just that. I am as flexible as they come, and happy to create any look by which you are inspired. I'm also happy to take the lead and create a look for you and your bridal party to accentuate your colors, flowers, jewelry, theme, location, and overall mood. Weddings make my heart happy. Reach out so we can work together to make your day everything you want it to be!


Please enjoy my wedding video which I've shared here for you, just to let you in to my big day as well!